About us

Banking Mechanical Joint Stock Company (former Banking Mechanical Company No. II under the State Bank of Vietnam) specialized in producing and trading in professional products and services, facilitating the moneytary, gold, silver, valuable document, etc storage and circulation to ensure the absolute safety for the banking and treasury system, individuals and other units as per request.

Through 38 years of history and development, we are now fully qualified and well known in providing products and services. Our head office is based at No.7 Pham Van Hai, Tan Binh District; the showroom is situated at 431 Le Hong Phong, District 10, HCMC. In addition to the traditional customers as units in the banking systems, our key customers include Ministry of Public Security and Departments of Public Securities of provinces, the treasury system, Department of Taxation, Post Office, Electricity, etc. Especially, we have been exporting special products to Australia, Japan and Neitherlands.

Aftersales services (maintenance, service, repair, etc) are launched in a serious, prompt, timely and responsible manner. For the safety objective as top priority, when information is received from the customer, our professionals are promptly assigned to directly handle the task whenever and wherever it needs.

We also consult thousands of turns of customers to select the best products and services with lowest cost, provided that safety and compliance to the State regulations (especially the regulations of the banking industry) are highly secured. We always update the regulations of the State Bank of Vietnam, develop the database, regulations on treasury safety of the banking system and make it available for the banks to inspect, compare and apply in practice from time to time.

Our employees are increasingly enhanced and improved in terms of quality and quantity. At the head office, there are over 70 officials and employees who are comprehensively trained with profession, over 20% of employees graduating from universities and postgraduates, the remaining is from college, high school, mainly job-based technician. Moreover, we have hundreds of seasonal workers when the job is incurred.

Thanks to the good, diverse and qualified products and services under the regulations of the State Bank of Vietnam, eye-catching design, reasonable price, exhaustive and reliable aftersales and warranty services, BMC is always recognized as the market leader in producing and providing the products and services relating to the moneytary storage and circulation, confidential profiles for the banks, treasuries, agencies and units. It is our great pround that since our incorporation, there have never been witnessing the insafety, resulting in loss in customer’s assets caused by our products and services.

* Lines of Business

  • To consult, install and produce the treasury door; fire door, emergency exit, etc
  • To produce safe, safe keys, cabinet, shelf, stand, desk & table, carry truck used to transport money, gold and silver.
  • To consult, install the fire safety system, security system, CCTV camera, Lightning Protection System, elevator, lift, hoist, electric, acoustor-electric system, demoisture system, exchange rate board, automatic queue, etc.
  • To trade in bill counter, banknote detector, exchange machine, automatic payment machine, paper and materials to facilitate the moneytary storage and circulation, professional vehicle (cash carry truck), lifting machine, trolley, building materials, materials, accessories and components of the banking industry.
  • To trade in automobile goods transportation. To trade in automobile passenger transportation service under contract.
  • To lease warehouse filed, shop, office, special banking equipment and devices.
  • To repair, maintain, service the plant and equipment produced, installed and traded by the Company.
  • To consult the works construction and works architecture design, offer the construction surveilance and involve in civil and industrial engineering.
  • To act as air ticket, train and vehicle ticket agent.
  • To act as the travel agent; domestic and international tour operators; to provide the supporting services pertaining tour adverstisement and organization.
  • To wholesales metal and non-metal wastes and others; To recycle wastes.